Trust Management 

Since 2011 the wetlands have been managed by Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau/ Sinclair Wetlands Trust. This comprises up to eight volunteer Trustees, including representatives of Te Rūnanga o Ōtākou, and of the Tatawai Whenua Tapu Trust that manages an adjoining portion of the wetland.


Ian Bryant, Trust Chair, Tatawai Whenua Tapu Trust representative
(03) 486 2881, 027 436 8331, [email protected]

Paulette Tamati-Elliffe, Te Rūnanga o Ōtākou representative

Lynnette Scott, Treasurer

Robyn Zink, Secretary

Tumai Cassidy

Travis Ingram

Jo Byron

Marine Richarson 



Wetlands Coordinator

As coordinator, Glen Riley runs management and education programmes, assists visitors, and supervises the many volunteers who come to help. Revegetation involves the propagating, planting-out, and looking after native trees that are replacing broom and gorse on the islands within the wetland. Pest control targets introduced mammals which prey on native species and plants (e.g. rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets, possums and rabbits). Weed control is targeted at woody scrub weeds, willows that invade the swamp, and reed sweetgrass (Glyceria maxima) that chokes water channels.